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James Seemore

Posted by Swede on October 30, 2005 at 07:54:17

I find you very likeable and intelligent. I communicate with you in the trust that you are being an honest open person yourself. Please don't lie because you will only being lying to yourself. I hope you will continue to come here to post. I have some questions. Do you collect donations? Do you tell people you are the Family when you do? When you witness how soon before you let people know you are in the Family? Are you a fulltime inner circle member? (I don't know what the new terms are anymore) Do you live in a 2 parent home with your own children, or are there more adults around? Do you have a "normal" job that is not "missionary" to support yourself like teaching at a school or driving a bus? How many percent of your donations do you keep for yourself? How do you use the money, is there a rule or does it depend on if you are short of money that month? If short of money do you feed yourself first because you are God's servant, and feed your own family first because they ARE God's work, or do you have strict rules against this? Thank you in advance for answering.