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I third that emotion..

Posted by Goth on October 30, 2005 at 13:00:44

In Reply to: Yes Freeatlast is cool posted by exer on October 30, 2005 at 11:31:10:

I remember how passionate many posts have been in the past and many of us had been out for years. So it seems right that at an ex-member site, there are some that need to "tell it like it is" in their own words. I think it takes courage to do that, too.
One thing that helped me when I was IN was someone telling me something real direct like "How could a Father (David Berg) say things like he did to his own daughter (Deborah) in the letter 'If The Truth Kills Let It Kill' "
I sat down with that person because he bought me a glass of wine while I was out and he seemed real nice. Well he was, but after a few minutes he did not mince words either.
My learned response was to close him off, but I left with those thoughts in my head. The Family reasoning was "It's great that David Berg does not show favoritism to his family above those who are followers".
Now, I realize that sort of thinking was unnatural. But that was one of my rationalizations about what the guy had said to me, yet on a deeper level it sunk in.
Leaving TF came in stages for me. It came with a series of seeing behind the curtain of the wizard of Odd.