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Forget James S

Posted by Johnny See on October 31, 2005 at 11:01:35

It is a fact that the teachings instilled by David Berg were and are wrong. Not just that some mistakes were made or that DB made some errors. There is a whole lots more.

In that light, we have the reality that those who are supporting their teachings are going way far than those who simply bilieve them. Many people believe weird things. All of us have a God-given right to believe any way we want to.

What about doing!!!??? NOT SO!!!

As soon as we start teaching other that pedophilia is okay - even if it is within your own family, it iw wrong. It is a naught thing. It is a crime. It is bad. It is evil. Is this enough?

So, if you are teaching these things, or kids are teaching these things, they as guilty as hell as the false prophets that lead TFI. They are spiritual terrorists who are sowing tare in the Lord's vineyard.

It is not innocent to stand outside and do nothing when your children are spiritually killing the spirits of others It is criminal. And you are as criminal as those who are doing it. Is this radical? You bet. Terrorist cannot be won over with candy.