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Re: A few thoughts

Posted by CB on November 02, 2005 at 13:13:14

In Reply to: Re: A few thoughts posted by Goth88 on November 02, 2005 at 12:07:54:

My perception is the same as yours that "certain people were targeted to rant at and some are being pitted against each other. The ones that asked hard questions usually asked these questions in a "civil" manner."

I like your Naracotics Anonymous analogy very much. Being rooted in that type of background myself, I'll admit to being somewhat "old school" on the subject of busting through denial. It isn't pretty to have someone get up in your face and tell you point-blank that you're not being honest and that your excuses are full of holes. But quite honestly, when I think back on the people who got through to me--particularly in my Family days--they were the ones who asked me hard, pointed questions and/or told me in a very straight-forward manner why they thought my beliefs & lifestyle were a bunch of horse hooey.

The thing I really enjoy about the exer sites is how much people engage in questioning and challenging various points of view. Sometimes it feels to me like the women on these sites are more demanding and confrontational than many of the men. That definitely isn't the Family way.