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James you should have a look at this! (repost from Anneke)

Posted by lydia on November 06, 2005 at 01:01:58

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Re: but Maria has a great idea...

Posted By: Anneke
Date: Saturday, 5 November 2005, at 10:36 p.m.

In Response To: but Maria has a great idea... (news snoop)

I think the prophecy should be put on the same Family websites soliciting donations for Katrina! Ha!

Fred was right about Rick. No one had to poison Rick's Vandari and no ex members. When he talked to me months before his death he was as sane as could be and had anger/rage/shame brewing from what he suffered in the F. people may have thought he was a prince/leader/privileged but he went thru hell and his actions are a direct result of what his mother allowed to happen to him and what he witnessed that he felt helpless to stop.

He told me as long as he was the good little disciple example he was given everything but as soon as he questioned there was hell to pay. he told me the rage in him never stopped from even before he left the F and everyone that had contact with him could tell you the same story he said over and over.

He told me he would talk to ex member SGA who had their horror stories but he said he never could really relate as he said that no one on the planet could ever understand him and what he went thru publicly.

That is when I told him Deborah would understand and asked if he wanted to talk to her. I dialed her number after he said yes and they spoke for at least a full hour and had never met. She did not fill his heart/mind with her own horror stories. Their conversation was him wanting to know all about her and her children. There was no spewing of poison or lies as the F might want to think. They agreed to meet sometime int he near future but it never happened. Rick did tell me that reading her book was what opened his eyes and gave him the courage to leave.

Just a note is I had a recent picture Deb had sent me of her and Bill and all of the kids and grandkids. I asked Rick if he'd ever seen them all and he spent about five straight minutes just staring at the photos. I told him he could keep the card and he put it in his pocket. That is when I asked if he would like to talk to Deborah and he was very nervous but excited.

No matter what anyone says about Deb's book, I was there with her thru this time and everything she said is true except for one part where she left out someone's name to protect them and it is a minor part and has nothing to do with her story.

Even though Merry fell apart later I saw her on a weekly basis when she lived with Deb and Bill for over 7 years and she felt safe and cared for. She was living in a structured and strict environment with them to be sure but there was no abuse emotionally or physically, yelling, hitting. She was thriving. Their rules were a bit tough in the beginning after all the sexual abuse and freedom she suffered thru but soon embraced a lifestyle of normalcy. Deb's older kids struggled but the ones raised completely outside of the cult are now doctors or married to doctors and are incredibly loving and giving young adults.

I have heard people complain it was Deb's home that messed up Merry but I feel it is the opposite and she flourished there. It was when she was let loose when the terrors came back of what David Berg and Sara and Maria put her thru and so many other leaders that had free reign to abuse her. She said MO cursed her and she still believes it.

For those years with Deb and she would come stay weekends at our house we would talk all night. She would tell me her plans for the future. She was studying French and wanted to be an interpreter. She would tell me about boys she had a secret crush on and I couldn't tell Bill and Deb. It was giggles and girl talk. She felt safe with us.

Now she calls me every week or two and it is the drugs talking.I feel so lost as I don't have a clue how to help her. She asked me to come to lunch the last time I talked to her. She said she was doing better. I am in Oregon for a month and when I return I want to find a way to see her.

Anyway, I was floored by Fred's message. It was right on. We had one orphan boy in our home in Italy and we used to go out and tell people as per instructions from leadership that we took care of orphans so we could get more donations. It was purely to pay our rent.

One of my good friends about that time gave over $100,000 from an inheritance to the F. A couple of years later she and her children were on a very difficult third world field practically starving as the people there had no money for posters. She called WS to ask for a loan since they had just given the money a year or so before. She was told no and it was a lack of faith on their part.

I am glad to say she and her family are out and doing very well. She used to sit with me in the church we go to and just cry and say she just felt like she was hearing the truth for the first time.