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Re: *poor guards needed to keep themselves amused*

Posted by CB on November 10, 2005 at 09:28:41

In Reply to: Re: *poor guards needed to keep themselves amused* posted by Jewlz on November 09, 2005 at 22:33:16:

I often think Berg's opinion of men is as degrading as his view of women, because he subscribes to view that males are rutting pigs that can't control themselves when a vulnerable female appears on the scene. No doubt there are men who sexually function at the level of animal instinct, but the same could be said for women, too.

In any event, I always thought a purpose of religion was to promote up a higher standard of human behavior over our baser instincts. Berg expected TFI women to be "spiritual" and function at a high level of self-sacrifice, while the men could be tender and loving, but it was understandable and forgiveable if they were beasts, because after all, that's how God made them. So if a woman said "No," Berg castigated her much more harshly than the poor guy who just couldn't help himself and had to go after a 6-year-old because she was the only thing available. Yeah, he had a double standard, but he didn't hold a very high opinion of males, imo.