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Posted by Coordinator on November 13, 2005 at 19:40:49

In Reply to: higher resolution JPEG scans also available posted by Archivist on November 13, 2005 at 19:13:47:

Thanks! You folks are an excellent resource, which is why we put a link to your site on our Home page. I hope posters are taking advantage of all the COG pubs & documentation online. If they can't find it on our site, they can often find it on yours.

The documents you listed from Heavenly Helpers & the FN Encyclopedia was what I had in mind. There's more out there too, which is why I put out an appeal to anyone who has FSMs. I recall that there was quite a bit of shocking material that came out in the FSMs, including nude or near-nude photos we wouldn't post on our site, but I was thinking of the 'testimonys' & articles.

For e.g. there was the poem written by Faithy where she reacted to the ML, 'My Childhood Sex' & she detailed exactly what Berg had done to her when she was a child. One of the lines that stands out to me is where she says, 'It didn't corrupt me none' or words to that effect. She was basically advertising for parents to abuse their kids like Berg had abused her. There's a wealth of proof in the FSMs.