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Re: Resume Tips from the Family

Posted by Perry on November 18, 2005 at 13:04:21

In Reply to: Resume Tips from the Family posted by Backslider on November 18, 2005 at 02:47:30:

Wow! Thanks for posting that. I have no memory of reading this in a GN even though I was a member at the time. Just a quick scan of this list revealed this gem:

"WITNESSING: I became actively interested & involved in youth resources & counselling projects * Having a penchant for ethics & cultural mores, I became interested in studying the mechanisms by which values are transferred in society"

Youth resources??? Such as the Mo Letters?

Counseling??? Such as 'believe in and masturbate to Jesus and his right-hand man, Berg, or go to hell with the rest of the systemites'?

A penchant for ethics??? Such as their Deceivers Yet True doctrine? (Are they even aware of the irony of publishing such a document that counsels members to act unethically?)

Transferring values in society??? By means of brainwashing, thought-reform, indoctrination, corporal punishment, militaristic re-education camps, lying, fraud, etc,?

Anyone basing their resume on these examples is more than a little dishonest, they are fraudulent.