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Anyone feeling hungry or thirsty?

Posted by exmember on November 20, 2005 at 00:35:04

"THE BIRTHDAY WARNING!"--"Publish Glad Tidings!"--MO February 18, 1973 No.215--LTA

95. For THERE ARE THEY SO ATHIRST FOR THAT WHICH COMETH FROM DAVID, they would drink his piss and eat his dung, they are so an hungered!

96. THEREFORE, THEY EVEN THIRST for his piss and hunger for his dung that is cast off by thee, and which falleth by the way, even as an accused thing, even FOR THAT WHICH IS WASTED BY HIS ENEMIES, WHO FEED THEM MORE THAN THOU DOST, who feed them of his piss and feed them of his dung, where yet they find seed, and YET THEY FIND LIFE IN THE PUBLICATIONS OF THEIR BULLETINS, WHERE YET THEY FIND EVEN THE EXCRETA OF HIS WORDS!

97. YET EVEN THE EXCRETA of his vomit, and the tears of his eyes, and the offal of his bowels, and the piss of his penis, CAN GIVE LIFE UNTO THEM WHICH ARE ATHIRST, and which do hunger and long for life, that which thou dost eschew! Even these droplets in the dust shall bring life into them which are dying! If then these which are leprous nigh unto death can drink of his piss and eat of his dung, and anoint their eyes with eye salve made of his spittle, HOW MUCH MORE SHOULDST THOU, O FOOLISH ONES, RENDER UNTO THEM THE PURE WATERS OF LIFE WHICH FLOW FROM HIS MOUTH.