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Re: Steven David in the MLs

Posted by from personal memory on November 20, 2005 at 22:08:51

In Reply to: Steven David in the MLs posted by Researcher on November 20, 2005 at 16:18:37:

I remember being in the family and hearing about Mother Eve and Stephen "doing their own thing" but still associated to the family. After all, Mother eve was threatened in one letter if memory serves me right, that if she stepped too far out of line or something she could lose some support she was receiving from David Berg.
People like her seemed to have more "liberty" to step out of line as long as it wasn't into "enemy territory".
Seeing how Mother Eve writes about the father of her children (without naming him) as such a model father and also seeing her writing at MyConclusion with no protest about it being posted, seems to indicate there is still some degree of collusion to "The Family" even though they have been technically out of it for a long time.
I remember travelling with some people who had travelled with their team when it was full steam ahead and they rejoined the mainstream family, but the two parts, Eve's team and David Berg, were never completely apart. A person leaving Eve's team was not called a "backslider" like someone who left the family and came back would be.