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Pied Piper stealing children

Posted by reposter on November 30, 2005 at 18:43:22

In Reply to: About the Bergs, incl. Jane posted by Emma on November 30, 2005 at 18:31:26:

"THE PIED PIPER PROPHECY"--MO September 7, 1971 NO.102--DO


10. MO: PIED PIPER--HE HELPS ME FROM THE BEGINNING. He helps me play sweet music and they love it, because they know I love them and the Pied Piper loves them!

11. MARIA: WHERE DID HE TAKE THE CHILDREN? MO: HE TOOK THEM ACROSS THE RIVER TO THE MOUNTAINS where they couldn't find them. They dance and sing and play and live like Gypsies! 'Cause the Pied Piper, he was a Gypsy--you know that? He helped them get rid of the rats, and then they wouldn't pay him, so then he played to their children and they followed him. [DELETED] And they think that's a fairy tale, but it's true! It seemed like he was a bit crazy, but he loved Jesus, so Jesus gave him all their children! Like Moses led the Children of Israel and gave sweet music to their ears in the power of God and Jesus, he led the children to a place in the back. Maria: Place in the back? What's the back? MO: Away from things!