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Re: Rare nonfinancial concessions in RC abuse case

Posted by CB on February 03, 2006 at 16:37:58

In Reply to: Re: Rare nonfinancial concessions in RC abuse case posted by JS on February 03, 2006 at 15:07:09:

You make some excellent points. I especially like use of the word "grifters" for TFI leadership. I think the Family's leadership circle is criminal and that some of the ordinary members are criminals, but that there are also some members who are just very naive, trusting, socially isolated, and willfully ignorant about their leaders.

I've concluded that the criminal leadership may have actually cultivated a cadre of front line membership who are pretty much what the group says it is--independent missionaries with some strange doctrines who've cleaned up the worst abuses of their past. This would explain why there is such great variation in what people say they experienced growing up in TFI, or even what someone might be experiencing today, depending on home status (WS, MM, FM), what country they're located in, who's in the local chain of command, etc.