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Re: Smiley, you're hurting Peters' cause

Posted by Observer on April 27, 2006 at 12:27:23

In Reply to: Re: Smiley, you're hurting Peters' cause posted by CB on April 27, 2006 at 09:44:49:

I agree, CB. And it is SO judgmental, so Family-like, so Berg-like in style for Smiley to make the accusation: He is a brave guy and doing things none of you would ever have the guts to do, especially since many of us actually do a great deal to help the poor & suffering, but just don't brag about it to raise funds.

And what galls me the most is that Smiley not only defends Tim Peters as a friend but defends The Family as an organization, saying if they're a criminal organization, how have they managed to evade justice? They're just clever criminals, that's all.

Why in hell would Smiley be so foolish as to defend an organization with such a terrible past as The Family? Defending a personal friend like Tim Peters, I can understand that, but defending a criminal organization on top of it?? If Smiley was smart, he'd distance himself real quick from The Family.

But I bet he can't because the catch is, his dear friend Peters is not just an aid-worker, but an active Family member.