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Re: Tio Bow Nakajima

Posted by Peabody on December 15, 2006 at 16:28:12

In Reply to: Re: Tio Bow Nakajima posted by Farmer on December 15, 2006 at 02:16:30:

Sure you have the right to question Kevin's post. However, for me, what it comes down to is this. If you were speaking to Kevin in person, face-to-face, in the midst of his grief just a few days after the death of his child would you question his choice of words or his motives for saying them?

I think in that situation most people would give Kevin the benefit of the doubt and choose not to question his motives at that highly emotional moment. But because of the impersonal nature of annonymous chatboards like these it is a lot easier to forget some of the social conventions we apply when conversing in person, particularly in the case of someone mourning a death.

From the posts of yours I've read you seem like a nice person, so I tend to doubt that you would approach Kevin in person the same way you did here. That is, I think you would tend to be more sensitive in person than in an annonymous post, but that's just my opinion.