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SCREAM & A Thanks & A Further Observation

Posted by ICE CREAM on January 25, 2007 at 03:59:19

In Reply to: Re: SCREAM & A question: What is FREE about Love? posted by Blogger on January 24, 2007 at 22:46:44:

I agree, thanks, it was no doubt tongue-in-cheek, perhaps ironic in the rhetorical sense.

A sense, the Family will never understand, being literalists. Yet, sometimes I write for the Family on this site. I believe in education.

I do have some empathy for the poor cultists trying to make a living while being delusionally or willfully obivious of the reality of the abuser's past (many of us have relatives in the cult). Therefore, clarity in our language could perhaps help even Family members--you know? And pigs will fly--I know.

ONe more point: Why couldn't the poor deluded Family girl who was screaming have had a partner do the screaming whilst she (the taper, or the bugger spy) escaped with the treasured tape of the "devil's proceedings"? Will they ever learn? And come to a knowledge of the truth?

So full of enthusiasm and fanatical belief they have no room for questions and debate. Sounds so Republican, to me.