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What are you saying?

Posted by Thinker on September 27, 2007 at 12:28:43

In Reply to: Re: Apology? posted by Farmer on September 27, 2007 at 11:21:40:

"But what I feel wrong now of some of the F G As
here (not the SGAs!!!!...they have a l l the reasons)is to do foremost the nitpicking with the apology... mote & beam comes to my mind"

Do you mean FGs have less reason than SGs to doubt the sincerity of their apology? Are incensed reactions only valid if they come from an SG?

Perhaps you feel FGs were all at least a little bit guilty and therefore have less to say and should tread carefully? Well, it depends on the individual -- everybody has their own experience and some have cleaner consciences than others. You can only expect those who do to feel a little more outrage.

I don't think mote-and-beam quotes are very useful because of the triggers these terms carry -- they were used by the same cult we were in, to create passivity and reduce us to bystanders watching crimes being committed, so we wouldn't think to know/be better than anyone and judge the perps. Nowadays I think, if only some of us did take the moral high ground, knew we were better than what we saw, and were a whole lot more judgemental.