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More Plain Talk

Posted by CB on September 30, 2007 at 10:08:38

In Reply to: Re: Heaven's Girl ??? - finally after 20 years posted by Mechanic Man on September 29, 2007 at 18:40:11:

If as you say, you were raised "horribly," you apparently don't know the difference between that and the brutal childhoods of crime victims, which is what "Heaven's Girl" is--a victim of child rape. I suggest you read the story called "Heaven's Girl" that Berg used to feed and nurture the sick behavior of his Servants. IMO, the only thing you've demonstrated is how well HG nailed Pangea with her comments.

As long as I'm into calling a spade a spade, be aware that your friends, Mr. & Mrs. Pangea, are not simply victims of an evil cult. They are alleged to have perpetrated crimes for which they would have spent considerable time in prison if they had been reported and successfully prosecuted in as late as 1993, when Mrs. Pangea told a reporter for the Houston Chronicle that child/adult sex never happened in TF. Wonder why she would go out of her way to lie? Funny you should bring up the magic number of 20 years, because that's exactly what the statute of limitations for the crime of child rape happens to be in the United States.