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Re: First Impressions of book "Jesus Freaks"

Posted by Farmer on October 15, 2007 at 14:36:21

In Reply to: Re: First Impressions of book "Jesus Freaks" posted by Joseph on October 15, 2007 at 10:19:11:

May be the shades of differences are in the end little, who wrote what...but I think you have a point, that he would reach people, who otherwise would notget into TF-history...

I shall use a "funny" comparison: in my TF days we used to count the "pages", by the which the message was spread around the world...even the media exposure we got, counted (you couldn't tell
the "lies" about TF without alsomentioning something true about TF and that would the "real sheep" discern etc...) well, nowadays I am happy about any pub against TF, becausethey need to be exposed and the sooner the better...

So I bet, the book happens to be fantastic...I was not arguing against that at all...I guess some have the talent to gather many "little facts" of many & compose them to something united/bigger.But I guess also he relies & what people tell him & I guess his "sentiments" tell him what to follow & to believe, true??!