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Help part2

Posted by seeker on October 15, 2007 at 19:38:06

Hi guys and thanks for the quick responses,
Im sorry but i think i worded my first request wrong,see i was asking for advice on how to pull her she also at one time had some dowts about their doctrine(primarily through my arguements with her.)but the dowts would all disappear as soon as she visited them or spoke with any of shes staying with them but i think shes gonna come back to finish up some college work.What i want to know is what can i say to her to convince her to drop them?

I am pretty familiar with some of their the extent that i have flashes of guilt for wanting her back when shes got a calling.But i know deep down inside that love is something way bigger than the twisted excuse for weakness that the family is portraying it as.

I Need You Guys to tell me something i could say to her to expose their hypocracy,something she can see for herself,to help her realise how they have twisted and manuilated it,and for her to realise that it is my LOVE for her that is asking her to do it and not satan talking through me.

Also id like some links to material on RESEARCHED reports of the sex with jesus thing as i feel some sort of demonic influence is behind this part of their doctrine.