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Posted by Coordinator on January 25, 2008 at 05:22:07

In Reply to: Re: welcome? says who? posted by Dave McKay on January 24, 2008 at 23:12:30:

If you're going to post here at all, you will be subject to the same rules everyone else is subject to: No need to slip in digs about the mental health of our visitors. We do not tolerate that.

Nobody who regularly posts here that I know of is at the edge of sanity. They do however have justified reasons for disliking your presence on the boards, as you are a cult leader resembling Berg. It may not strike you as a possibility that anyone who dislikes you could be sane, but that is usually a sign of narcissism and other disorders - you should have yourself checked and get help.

A safe space isn't only reserved for those who are on the edge of sanity either - it is a concept of healthy personal boundaries I'm sure you are not aware of, but which we support on this site.

Consider this a warning, and understand that you will be banned if you post in this manner. This is not your space. You are not an ex-member of the COG - you are considered an extension of it. Do not assume you have an automatic right to post on these boards just because your name is mentioned.