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Re: hi

Posted by Farmer on January 29, 2008 at 13:02:44

In Reply to: Re: hi posted by question on January 29, 2008 at 06:52:39:

That was not part of the context above and you should mention the source, where you get the background of your info from...may be some quotes would be helpful, cause I don't read that stuff of TF since literally decades anymore.
Did they blame demons always for every problem?

If you sleep in a draft, you could easily have natural problems with the bladder etc.
I know TF was very unreasonable, but always?
On top of it TF was very international, some parents of that nationality some of another...some adhered to the letters - punishments - some didn''d be good to find out among SGAs, whether the majority of them got spanked immediately when any one of them wet the bed.Where I was, I think I remembered leniency and understanding (mid seventies - 80ies), but I wouldn't "swear it"...also I don't remember praying against demons as the cause of bedwedding, that sounds more like the 90ies, what time are you talking about??And which area...I don't believe in the "universal" behaviour of TF-members, except for the main issues...