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Is there anything members of such an outrageous cult would NOT believe

Posted by on February 14, 2008 at 10:48:52

I never cease to be amazrd at what humans are prepared to believe.

Honestly, take a good genuine sincere look at yourselves (members) and tell me, why do you not believe in Santa Claus? At least "he" doesn't hurt anyone.

But to believe in wholesale rape including of little children, how do you think that effects the rest of their lives? Grow up you ameteurs. What gives you the ability to understand the workings, and the long term damage caused by such action to the most complex itm we know of in the entire universe - the human brain?

(Not counting God of course - for those of you who choose to believe in this supernatural entity - who willingly allows such crimes to be committed by mentally challenged lemmings such as you sad fools.