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TF in Uganda

Posted by Perry on February 27, 2008 at 14:44:51

I've put a couple new articles on TF in Uganda on my blog at

While almost everything Simon says in the articles can be easily rebutted, I wondered if anyone here has any insights on the following quotation by him? Does anyone know much about the Kibbutz system? Is there complete sexual sharing as he claims? Notice how he slides from that claim into the idea that many people in the world live in extended families, implying that therefore TF's lifestyle, with their "complete sexual sharing" is not just normal, but godly.

Simon Peterson: “We believe in communal groups just like the Israel Kibbutz system where everything was shared. They share their children, clothes and there’s complete sexual sharing. We believe this is how Christians should live and it is how many of them are in Africa, Asia and Arabia live in extended families and that is very godly."