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Re: Makes you think...yeah, really...

Posted by Farmer on April 24, 2008 at 15:02:25

In Reply to: Re: Makes you think posted by Thinker on April 24, 2008 at 09:08:28:

"Math has been called the enemy of religion because it breaks down traditional and religious notions."

Well, I seldom read a more stupid line than this one...where did you get that one from, Thinker...(did you think about that one?)

Incredible...I used to study math & loved it...we have a youth pastor in the church I go to (without
being member of it) & he first completed his university math studies (which I didn't, by the way...)...I have books of theologians, who have also a PHD in math, then many believers, who also have PHD & Professorship in math...really throw that line in the virtual or binary gabage bin of your computersystem.

I invite you to my post on journeys, about God,faith & physics, where you find many links & quotes to chew on...obviously of people smarter than you & I...that's the incredible thing about many agnostics & atheists...they're half as smart or much less than many believing nobel-prize winners or professors, yet they have the nth (n &gn; 2) time of audacity than those ones...worst example for my knowledge...Mr.Dawkins