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"cute"/cool reply

Posted by Farmer on September 11, 2008 at 02:14:20

In Reply to: Re: Warn the youth? posted by Youth-ish still, I think on September 11, 2008 at 01:12:49:

Thanks, for helping us older ones to see it from the younger...even "brighter" point of view...On the other hand I find it ok to just pose questions even if they are not - may be - answered to the author's liking, by being stupid/senseless, not well thought out etc...or just to difficult...then those who answer to quick are the "stupid" to speak.

I do tend to think though, that there is no "smart/easy" way to warning people...young or old (agewise, mentally & all the rest).It's like wanting an automatic way to instill the truth into people's's just the other, positive side of the coin.

However as a fringe benefit of the questions posed, I think it's still valid to have discussed, how people got deceived, to "agree" on the steps one went through or the similarities...may be that was already discussed here, can't remember (ahem, age, sorry)...true though is, as you pointed out, that it's really not a matter of age & I guess not even a matter of the respective IQ (or EQ???)