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So you still don't get it?

Posted by Youth-ish on September 12, 2008 at 01:33:42

In Reply to: Re: Warn the youth? posted by JWH on September 11, 2008 at 20:56:09:

You are still patronizing as ever.

For a start, stop calling me or anyone a "young one," you old fart.

Next, you might think of yourself as a representative of the geriatric class here, but I never claimed to be a representative of anyone, and don't appreciate being called one. And once again, there is no such thing as "the youth here," but apparently that is beyond your comprehension.

Next, stop projecting what you wanted or needed for yourself onto other "young people" and assume you know what they want or need. For that IS 100% prejudice!

Once again, it is not only "teenagers or young adults" who have "not much experience enough sometimes to be wise enough to know if a group is a cult or not." Why don't you try rereading my previous post and see if you can get it this time, Mr. Wise-and-older-now-but-still-looks-young?

You can hang around young people all you want, but you relate to them in a way that screams: "CLUELESS!"