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Posted by Farmer on January 25, 2010 at 08:03:03

In Reply to: Re: interesting article posted by excog on January 24, 2010 at 14:12:00:

"There's something I would like to add. Despite all of this media and research attention on sexual abuse for the last 30 years, I still don't hear the answer to one question: What the fuck is wrong with all of these men? Sexual abuse is not women; it's men. Every once in a while a woman will sexually abuse, but in 95 percent of cases it's a man that is known to the child a teacher, a friend, a family member. These are high-functioning people in society who are choosing to molest children. All this focus on the psychology of the victim is a way to sidestep this central question: What is going on in society that so many men are choosing to get off on small children? I can find almost no studies on the subject. People will go into jails and interview a perpetrator, but most of these people don't go to jail, and most of them aren't caught."

Well, although she's one of the experts in her field...she's a woman and probably can't have a direct clue, how a man emotionally "functions"'s almost a Romans 7 situation...(pardon me) do, what they shouldn't do...know/sense is wrong...with others may be not even having that "rest of working consciousness???...and are ridden basically by lust/sin...when adult women can be may be at times too "big a prey" (I often "marvel" at the women way over six feet tall)...too difficult to handle...too difficult to "conquer" or too uninteresting/boring to keep...then some men seem to my opinion be more ready to "target" less "resisting"...easier to win and manipulate...victims...that is also combined IM simple O, that children are innocent and in the sexual encounter you are becoming this case with youth...with could be almost like the quest for the "rejuvenating well"...once though that child is might loose the fascination...setting off the search for new guess/theory.What has been conquered...looses part of the fascination.Besides this, those men strike me as irresponsible, lazy, highly selfish...not thinking of the it has nothing to do with real's just the plain opposite and my oh my...why is this happening in modern society? if there was an abundance of deep, real love...I am almost disgusted at the simplicity of her question...she should know, what's wrong in modern society....and...for us... not just in TF.
Those men are self-centered...lacking self esteem out of profound stability...contributing therewith to society and not leeching off it and it's weakest parts...why do people steal?...because they are often/mostly too lazy to rare "novel-cases"...the hero has a starving family.

So these men are robbers...just on the search for a new kick, through a new..."rare" "item"

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