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Posted by Skep on March 10, 2010 at 09:55:46

In Reply to: Re: Skep posted by CB on March 09, 2010 at 08:02:53:

I switched name and subject.

It certainly is a grim life. I have been friends with a small group of families in the situation where they have to reinvent themselves. We all did it, and we may not be tremendously successful but at least we have options. Many of us went back to school when we still could. Most of our children were able to get some education. Ww can choose what to believe, what to do, when to do it with, etc.

These poor people are now being left out in the cold, cut off from the life they know and from the people they have known, and at an age where they should already been retiring. The parents are all somewhere around 55, seem to be confident about their own future. I asked but without clear answers whether they will receive severance pay, or a monthly check, or something at some point.

The children on the other hand, which are from teenagers to a couple of 30-some, are a mix bag. Two of them called themselves missionaries but the others are mostly bumming around playing music. They call it "witnessing" but it is nothing of the sort. Their eyes have no light, and as a group, are a sorry bunch.

I have seen 6 infants in this group over the last 3 years. Begging and busking is their life style, and I have noticed no sign or interest to change their life style. I haven't been able to figure out if they ever got new disciples but they all seem well indoctrinated on what to say and how far to act. I suspected a few attempts to FF but nothing I could actually say it was but flirting is part of the life. I wonder how far they would go if I was not as old as the parents.

The behavior of the older generation is a little different than what we would expect. They keep themselves separate from the younger ones, letting them do whatever they want to do. They seem to have a lot of autonomy, for what I have seen. I have actually had long conversations with the parents about Jesus and the end time. They are still very obsessed with the Illuminati, conspiracies and one-world government.

So, this is report for the day. I gotta go now but as usual I am under-excited and skeptical about the support of Maria, Peter and their clones for the little people in the field. The only people that matters to them is those that make the products that they sell to their blind followers.

If you think of it, they have the perfect business. They have ready-to-buy customers who are willing to pay for products that reinforces their staying as customers. Just like drug dealers selling their dope.

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