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Posted by Spectator on April 03, 2010 at 04:50:44

In Reply to: Re: This is going to end poorly posted by One man on March 28, 2010 at 07:24:00: you propose us doing?
I think it is correct to say that most of us FGA folks here are opposed to how TFI turned out. We got out at various stages of the game and admitted our mistakes and tried to right the wrongs, changed our mind-sets and attitues, apologized where necessary, etc. Most of us are parents and we have had various experience with our children. It ranges from very good to very bad. Just like in society.
Calling us across the board "facilitators" is painting with a broad brush and it is likely not going to help you to make a lot of friends amongst the FGA posting here.
I'm sure most of us feel for you and for the things you obviously must have been through in the past. If there are unresolved issues, things you haven't found closure on, I'm equally sure folks here would bend over backwards to help you sort things out.
If you just want to antagonize, let me say this. TFI has not invented abuse, irrational human behavior, killing and violence. Society at large is rife and full of it. The nuthouses of the world are not just populated with ex Family members...
How's your relationship with your parents?

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