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Posted by Farmer on May 01, 2010 at 18:21:16

In Reply to: Re: "Master program" posted by hi/nam on May 01, 2010 at 00:24:00:

Dear hi/nam...the way you extended your heart & helpfulness to Auntie T and the other SGA, I figure that's a great deal the way you are...showing greatness:not only successful by world/academic standard, but still kind inspite of the sorrow you must still be bearing, still having the wish to help others, when you should also get some help??!...I think that's one of the very wonderful experience of having children (and I really wish them to you have children??), their sweet dependency on has to pull through for their sake...even if there is laziness or plain tiredness in the bones...they just make normally ones day.

So sad, that TF ruined the best which was given them...I recently saw a German documentary about pedophiles...there are actually only 3 universities in Germany, where students can specialise in dealing with such sexual Prof and expert said, that the estimated number of unregistered cases is pretty high...(recently there were here a lot reports of abuse in orphanages...people carried that for long in themselves...same is true for rape during the wartimes...people are afraid to tell it)

What struck me very negatively was, that even though one pedophile went to hospital long time ago, they weren't able to help him...he spoke about the feelings and attractions he had, and kind of was scared of seemed...later he ended up in jail...unable to control it only later therapy was offered to him and he was very sorry for the affliction done to the victims...

The whole documentary showed the lack of proficiency there is still regarding that in Germany...regarding therapeutical methods Switzerland is much better off,intervening earlier and prolonged also for the time out of jail ...the expert said, that the case in church-groups happen just to be a small fraction of many more cases in bad family-situations...shocking...but apparently true.

the following quoted part of your post is sad and "scary"...the scare, you would eventually harm yourself???!!!:
"Not that it gives me the desire to live an additional day when even my own mother (you know who you are) did what she did. She and the Borowik who made her career abusing me."

I hope you would never do that...I believe you must be a jewel, so pls. hang on there...if there is anything little or whatever, I could do for you...I would be happy, if I could be of help..I think places like this should be used by us FGAs to see whatever we can do to rectify a little bit the things done wrong to the SGAs...and my part of wrongfulness is, that I didn't realise how bad the teachings really were and I didn't protest and left earlier than 1989/92...for that I beg your pardon too...SGAs usually have trouble believing that I didn't see personally sexual abuse...I don't know what happened behind closed doors then in the families...I was just "happy" to be a litnesser, to base out from a home

Do you still have communication with relatives in or out of TF??...siblings are doing ok???

I think I will repost on journeys for you a portion of a paper dealing with the "oddness" of gnostic sects...I recently came across and
I said often on journeys, TF is IMO very could pass that on to any brain/polluted in TF you know...they think they are so different from the system...they are very much system themselves...weird and far as their lusts are concerned..

Remember the creep-section on movingon?...similar the one on xfamily...I think evidence/stories against them should continue to flow....that was the wonderful thing about not without my sister...cause the world got to hear about it and is putting them to shame...
which they need...for they are full of their religious pride.

Do you think more should be written either in applicable forums...print...electronic media...???For legally even in Germany there is this statute of limitation-thing...pretty bad

Sad to say there are also powers/politicians, who intend to liberalise/lift apparently the strict ban on pedophilia...I happened to hear/read about it some years back and now came recently across it again...if my time allows me I would like to search out more about it...frankly I figure adults have no idea what harm they do the rob their innocence to satisfy themselves...the one expert said, that the perpetrators need to know, that the victims don't enjoy their matter how "gentle" it is introduced...I think it has a lot to do with egocentrical behaviour.

Isn't there something which brings joy to you in life...something you look forward to...vacation...freetime activities...plain shopping???
Some social

Did you encounter/experience some real/good love after TF??? I hope your mother knows, that the Greek word eros is hardly found in the Bible, I found it one time in the OT...I said that many times on talks much more about agapae...May be you could ask her, whether she cried about giving you up for her lord (small l on purpose)...whether it ached...whether she was ever consciousstricken about her actions.Did you contemplate about writing your story???I would be interested in hearing what you have to say and experienced...

Wasn't Borowik unfamous in SA/Argentina??...I don't know too much about that area...I am sure the Web-master here and xfamily would post permanently, what your experience was...reason being, only with much public pressure the RCC (roman catholic church) gave recently more in and started some long needed reforms, dealing with offenders (hopefully cooperating now earlier with the authorities)

But you know hi/nam...I enjoy every other single time/day you post here...seeing/reading what you got to say, how your perspective is,
please hang on

just an hour ago I saw some very good artistic fireworks from my bathroom to speak...some...actually
(depending on our view) many things come free of charge into our lives...the very best too IMO...that sparkling light in contrast to the surrounding pretty.

There are so many questions I have still, like whether you can trust people and how do you know whom to trust (since there are also cunning/sneaky/snaky people in the world)...whether you shun very deep friendships or rather seek them...even if the good ones seem rare to real soulmates/friends...and how can you successfully work, if there is much, much pain in your heart...

All my colleagues immediately smell it/realise it, when I am down...but I am thankful it doesn't last too long...

Can you relax and have plain "fun"...laughing along some comedial stuff?...or is it all affected through that horrible past with no fault of your own (oh..yeah...bad habit of pedophiles, they blame often the victim by plain lies for sending out signals of interest...which is really sick and stupid...but one crime /lieing adds to the other /abuse

Hope you can life wish for you

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