Mr Geoffrey Stubbs from TFI -- (moved here from Academic Board)

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Posted by on May 10, 2010 at 09:33:00

Hi, I just spent the weekend with Geoffrey here in germany. I also live here in germany, got to know Geoff in 2004 as I came to germany, he came by our shop and since then he showed up few more times. Then he was gone for few years. last week i got a letter from him, so i thought it would be a great idea to invite him for the weekend and get closer to the Lord. So we gave him a room, food and my time...we talked for maybe 10 hourhs altogether and as we were finishing our talks on sunday evening-he mistakenly drop the bomb about the flirty fishing! My eyes opened wider as i asked him what it he continue explaining the sick practice of prostituting in the name of the Lord-my eyes just turned wider and wider in disbelief! i could not grasp what he just told me! so i started lightly but at end was just screaming at this thing sitting on my sofa and teling me that the practice was a beatiful thing to do and he wishes that it was continued...That was enough for moment he was out the door flying down the stairs, im sure he wont be coming back for more! I was told that im old fashoned-old school catholic-hmmm, that is interesting I thought because in my book as a normal humen being that is just completly sick and perverted! later i got on the net and there i found so many things on this crazy sect that i thought to myself: someone should just close em all up in a nut house. Did someone else ever met with mister Stubbs? any experience to share? greg

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