Anyone fron SA around please.

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Posted by Farmer on May 12, 2010 at 01:05:14

In Reply to: Re: Just a thought posted by Ananda Nobre on May 11, 2010 at 17:27:00:

Ananda..nice of you...really...I didn't expect that to read, meaning, that you don't care...frankly I make the difference in my mind...SGAs are the victims for me...although many FGAs point out, that we all have been.Dear Jules was one time so "kind"/direct to point out, that the longer an FGA stayed, the more she considered him/her to have responsibility...either for having done nothing (against) the immoralities...crimes...abuse...or having participated to various degrees...I kind of "quote" the gist of her thoughts.I have to agree and I have big admirations for those who discerned and left early.

However what concerns me is, that on the boards we don't have the necessary variety of people to "deal" with the different situations, questions coming up...

Some time ago I think there were some who posted about the raids in Australia...I think it was here I read about : ( poor memory...I guess people would be able to identify with you...or those who had to endure the French raids.

Via the xfamily board you can still read the old files/posts...but really I think you'd prefer some "fresh" exchange???
That's why I mention the limitation of the number of people posting here regularly.

Frankly I wish you all that so I hope it materialises and someone either writes you or posts here.
I haven't endured too big problems in TF...material- wise...I wasn't expecting much wounds stemmed rather from FFing and adult! sharing (schedules)...or the grouping of children in Combos (daycare)...that's when we left

I preferred to only share with those I love and would be willing to raise also some possible children....that's the way I first was trained as a babe...even if it later any event I think different (much stricter now)

Amazing your name...

It kind of reminds me of Ananda Marga (cause you're not Amanda?! ; ) )...a group I heard about before joining because a friend of mine was greatly involved with it and later even shifted for some time to India and then had bad experiences there...but I forgot which...

Nice you stick around for longer...I would like to be of a help but have no idea how...may be someone else please from SA

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