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Posted by Farmer on May 12, 2010 at 01:33:17

In Reply to: Re: I guess you would need some dialogue with posted by Ananda Nobre on May 11, 2010 at 16:21:00:

I am glad you mention your mother...aren't you also a bit "happy" that she left?...even though may be later than preferable...Sometimes it helps a little bit imagining the opposite: that she would still be an ardent follower and both of you being at odds for very different lifestyles and beliefsystems...or how is she doing...some contact???

I know it doesn't serve as a parents were normal "sytemites" (now both dead)...sweet and very dependable...their word always counted...they were very unhappy with my decisions know the verses we had for such situations...

Anyway upon leaving...later they became my most dependable support, when they realised I meant business in leaving TF.I tell my own kids, that other friends often come and go without having hardly the same commitment flesh and blood relatives have...of course, things aren't that stable all the time either especially nowadays.

About relationships there are most likely a ton of books...TF destroyed lots through their shameful morality...they wanted to get rid of jealousy kind of head on...instead of rather not tampering with good relationships.

Not committing yourself also prevents getting hurt...kind of a defensive strategy in my eyes...unless one can't care for a relationship because of other in a jobsituation or one doesn't care about friendships...being the lone "ranger"-type...

but normally one really has that need and then the question is, who really "deserves" you and vice versa...sometimes we think we aren't "enough" or we yearn for the wrong kind of people...heart matters aren't that simple it seems to me.But I guess normally we should sense, when we are really in love and then somehow we gain confidence in "acting upon" it.The "weirdest" situation I found in life is, when "love" is only onesided...I guess that is very hard to swallow...but I have a love, which always pulled me through..however, that is a journey topic.

I guess, once people disappoint us, it becomes harder, to be very enthusiastic about committing tends to be very careful and waiting upon the right "signs"

Generally I found, that if I expect too much...the disappointment also is big...on the other hand I don't think one "should" sell oneself cheap...kind of a saying here.

I bet you have your very strong and sometimes it's better to wait a bit more...when unsure.

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