lack of early memories

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Posted by Farmer on May 12, 2010 at 17:47:44

In Reply to: Re: I guess you would need some dialogue with posted by Ananda Nobre on May 12, 2010 at 10:43:00:

Ananda..very touching what you go through & good to know, that you seek the dialogue with your mother....I also have times where it's really good for me to let it all flow...tears that is...after big desperation I usually feel better...though it has nothing to do with TF normally anymore...

I have a step daughter, eldest of my ex...while her mum was single with them in Bangladesh, she thinks of having had some "odd encounters"...because her mother was much on the road...but being that young...she doesn't really remember

My son, when he was 1 1/2, was grouped for a short time in the Combo (Madras) we were in, with kids of similar age.I only hope, that she/childcarehelper didn't have any other designs/thoughts...How would one know, unless people confessed?...

I have had for sure an easy childhood...but then I also don't remember much of the early you know what I mean?
So the absence of memories is not an immediate sign of concern or direct proof, I meant to say with it.

I think there is some cloak over that timeperiod...and I am not intending to advocate hypnosis and all that sort of stuff to dig into it...

Unless you have some definite memories of sexual childabuse...some faintest memory/idea...then I guess I would consider myself among the few spared ones...I figure, the initiative would then (Combotimes and even before...) have to have come from some couple, some childcare-helper... in the time before that grouping in Combos from the child's parents or childcarehelper...know what I mean??

I was in from 1976-1989 (1992 stopped tithing)...and I personally didn't encounter or see, you name it... any sexual childabuse...I wouldn't swear, that I never saw anything "silly" when parents changed diapers...but nothing really I have in anything grave.

All to say that, may have been, that you escaped it.

Do you remember any grouping...childcarehelpers etc???

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