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Posted by Farmer on May 13, 2010 at 06:12:10

In Reply to: Re: I guess you would need some dialogue with posted by Amnesiac on May 12, 2010 at 16:05:07:

did you mean sexual abuse?

Since I left I have only one way of wording for the incidents of being sexually abused:horrible...

I can only try to apologise to you for having not woken up earlier and having left earlier, protested earlier...the mental "trick" was like this: Berg being the "prophet of God"...can't be wrong...doing everything in the "most loving way"
possible (love and lust not discerned)...that seemed to justify many/all things in my mind...even if I had for some things no personal experience: like the sexual abuse of children...for me there is/was no attraction and I simply cannot understand people who "feel" this way....for me this is exploitation

I think I kind of thought those days it might help children ...the way it was portrayed with have a less "neurotic"/phobic upbringing regarding sex...I didn't want to be the one knowing more about it than "the prophet"...even if one didn't understand it then...couldn't relate to general scheme of thought "automatically" seemed to be: he should after all know "best"...

For that "zombietoom" I am resposible and sorry...

Would you be able to talk more about these things and when and where they happened??

I hope I am not sounding voyeuristic to you...only if you should feel ok with it...

Personally I always consider this another "opportunity" to condemn their fruits/works we also know them (and others)

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