Ananda-quotes and some reflections...or reflexes ; )

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Posted by Farmer on May 15, 2010 at 12:24:20

In Reply to: Re: pre-school-memory posted by Very Old on May 14, 2010 at 20:24:43:

Quoting Ananda

I was in the familiy during the period of 1986 to 1994. When my mother joined the group i was three years old we first joined in Brazil moving latter on to Argentina, i was at Argentina during the persucation of 1993 and my mother was arrested at the time and me and my brothers sent to a public instituion. Affter that we came back to Brazil but a short time latter my mother left the group.

Until ths day i had done no resurch of the familiy and had chosen to forget about my childhood, i dont remenber most things, itīs like i created a type of block on this period of my life. Sometimes i fill like me childhood was taken from me, I donīt know why but i fill i need to know what happend there, if any ex member could keep in touch it would help me very much.

Even though it may be painfull to remenber i think itīs something i got to do...I think it would help me to figure lots of things i have trouble dealing with, like problems with my mother and difficulty to commit to relationships..

Last night was very hard for me a had a nervous break down and started crying a lot, today i fill better. I spoke to my mother, who is also an ex member, and she says things like child abuse didnīnt go on in the homes we lived in, iīm not quite sure that is true, since lots of memories i donīt have...or maybe she didīnt know about it...Do you remenber these things happening in Argentina?

Ok..ok...I was assuming, that if abuse in later years happened...where memory is "kind of certain"...let's say 6/7 years onward- or whatever- "for sure" (exemption to the "rule" given, sombody should expound on that...other than me), then Ananda would say so similar to other SGAs having had to live through that ordeal...and testified of it...see various boards and books and TVcoverings!

Having to ask about that....mother or board members led me to the assumption...can be wrong of course, that something still could have happened in the time before "sure memory" sets in...although the absence of memory is as I stated not the proof for something alarming to have happened in the sense of sexual abuse, although something else could have happened...traumatic...or "nothing" in my case....given the you seem to hint's rather "certain"/obvious, that something bad has happened ...only what witnesses can puzzle together now it seems...sorry, that I cannot help with that...& in that regard, your comment and that of the others is not so helpful either...for all the commentators only claim, that nothing happened...which once led boom (bored out of my brains or so) on the board to "fume and explode"...& I can understand that...however I cannot confess/admit/say, what I haven't seen...makes no sense to my take of integrity either

In a similar manner I concluded here on the boards...others as well, that the people who've seen or done anything...hardly ever post...may be follow the how's that gonna help dear Ananda???
Hopefully somebody has already emailed her...I'd certainly wish her that...

However please allow also for the faint possibility, that nothing really happened...for there are such "rare species" with that sort of fortune...having escaped that sort of thing...and I have read about it on the boards...meaning what are/were you "mad" about??????Care to explain?

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