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Posted by Farmer on May 19, 2010 at 15:35:42

In Reply to: Re: You are doing it again posted by Reader on May 19, 2010 at 10:03:52:

Reader...sorry for my impatience...but you're starting to annoy me a bit on... soap box you "rattle" agaist PD...for if you would have cared a bit about the journeys-board would have know that much: PD is holding a job and thereby supports himself and his family...savvy??...I knew that since ages and that is new to you...huh???

May be you should live a bit more up to your name...ok, you didn't call yourself exfampostsreader...that is for exfamposts you turn out to be an occassional reader...o.r.

I said:
it has nothing to do with the thread...or too much..

Do I have to say it more clearly than that?????I am talking about my general experience...thereby inisinuating...if everybody would be so clear on the board, a lot of misunderstandings could be takes some sinsight in people's feelings too...we can't read people's in a face to face talk...some people should just be more explicit and if they joke, they could add an emoticon...that's what I didn't like about PD's post on soap box...if you should be sure to add an take

For me it's here not only opinions but people as well!!! (you prove how little you know about PD by rattling against him...fine job ...reader)

You mixed me up with someone else. I can't make sense out anything because you are writing like I am supposed to know what you mean, but I don't.

I can't make sense out anything ...ok...I am trying to help you...but please...I don't write for "reader only" Indians emphasize so nicely...

I took myself a bit as an example...sorry...proud me...some people post/say so's easier to mix them up...get it now??...Have some endurance!...but how can I blame the "poor SGAs" for it?'s you, who stumbled upon get up and... ; )

(You put yourself an emoticon with your original post... keep smiling : ) )

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