Is it possible to still have friends in the Family

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Posted by on May 27, 2010 at 17:07:00

I've been hanging around a few members of the family, I myself have not ever been a member of the group, but they seemed warm and friendly enough to talk to, and it's always interesting to meet people from all over the world with an usually large amount of children.

They'd invite me to visit their colony and I felt like I made some awesome new friends, only to later research the missionary group they were part of on Wikipedia and to be shocked that the people I supposedly "befriended" were in fact members of a cult , and I was caught up in a scheme they pull on pretty much anyone who comes their way.

I honestly felt like I connected with fellow Christians but it started to feel fake when they acted eerily pleasant,made me feel a lil too welcome, too special , like they're just out to use you (Love Bombing).

They seem to tell , half truths and deception is a major part of their sales pitch.

I'm not angry at the individuals but it's the systems they're trapped in, they're as much victims as we are.

Could any one advise on what to say or do when around Family members?

I haven't alerted them that I know a lil bit more about their history then they'd like me to but can one still have friends in the family? Also should I hang around to warn any one else I see them chatting to? and can I provide support to get them out? or I am just deluding myself ?

I sincerely feel for these people and am not sure how I can help them, I would probably get myself excommunicated were I try to discuss what I've been reading with them.

Also what is life currently like in the Family?
Does sharing and wife-swapping still occur?

Does Flirty fishing also still happen on rare occaissions? I can't imagine they just suddenly stopped completely after pursuing it so intensively and undoubtedly the women there aren't ugly. They're still definitely using sex appeal in the marketing campaign!

Also any idea on what the new GNs are commanding?

All feedback is much appreciated!

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