A letter I wrote to Peter...

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Posted by Spectator on June 02, 2010 at 19:47:30

...a few years back. Did he actually read it? Probably not, but the new "reboot" almost sounds like it:

Oh, Peter!
I just came across the latest GN on the "Art of War" and read with interest the collection of quips and quotes from legendary missionaries who actually have seemed to make an impact. Doubtlessly meant to inspire enthusiasm in Family members to follow their example and go all out for Christ.
Well, Peter, basically, youíve tried to inspire this enthusiasm for 40 years now. Berg contended at one point that if folks arenít leaders and inspired to go change the world after three months of intensive training, efforts were wasted on them.
So why hasnít the Family in 40 years produced great leaders and missionaries like the examples you cited? The answer is simple. Adoniram Judson, Albert Schweitzer and the others mentioned were fiercely independent Christians, working mostly on their own and not part of some overwhelmingly restrictive organization like TFI. The Family will NEVER produce great men and woman like this, simply because by its very nature it focuses on compliance rather than individualism. Compliance to endless rules and laws, defining and codifying what a "disciple of Jesus" is and isnít, what he does and doesnít, how he makes money and how he doesnít, what he does with his children and what he doesnít - all neatly packed in thousands of codified pages of behavior, instructions, training and indoctrination. Letís face it, you have become the mother of all religions, making the Catholics look like kindergarten. Your ďdisciplesĒ wonít take a shit before they get a prophecy rubberstamping it!
Set your people free! Even if this means the end to WS as we know it today. Let them follow their dreams and inclination. No, to preempt your argument that F members are urged to do just that, they are NOT! They simply canít, given the unbelievable amount of baggage you burden them down with.
Quit trying to legislate righteousness! The Pharisees already miserably failed at that task.

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