Outside Intervention

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Posted by CB on June 03, 2010 at 09:25:51

In Reply to: Re: No election of new leadershipship in immediate future posted by long time exer on June 02, 2010 at 18:40:00:

From reading Peter's Manifesto, it seems clear to me that he's had some outside intervention. He seems to have let go of his earlier version of Jesus the Management Consultant and contracted with the Holy Trinity Team for Decision Support Services.

I agree with you and MG that Peter spends quite a lot of time in the Manifesto explaining why he didn't make this move earlier--like 5 or 10 years ago. My guess is that it's taken that long to bring Karen around to facing a reality so dire that even her truly awesome powers of denial don't work any more. Revenues must be tanking--it's impossible to go floating down that river in Egypt when the water's all dried up.

I "get" this picture of Karen looking around the Unit one morning and wondering why she couldn't get a decent pedicure any more. Suddenly, the scales fall off her eyes! As far as I can tell, M&P long ago lost their brightest and best. People don't make it to the top of that organization through innovation, creativity and charisma--possessing those individualistic qualities has been a one-way ticket out of the group for a good 30 years.

It's also interesting that Peter talks about a group journey of over 40 years when leadership have claimed TF officially began with the RNR 30 years ago. Talk about lies and revisionist history! I haven't had the stomach to read through M&P's reframing of Family history just yet. History as it was lived is all archived in the documents at xfamily, which should be referred to henceforth as Thor & Pete's No Spin Zone.

People in and out of TFI are linked by many bonds of kinship and shared experience. Some form of group identity will continue, but a major question that will always divide those "in" the group from those "of" the group is the role of leadership. Demystifying Us is among the most interesting stuff in The Manifesto. BTW, I think you read it wrong: P&M don't claim to have seen anything written on the wall in flaming letters. They don't have enough creativity and imagination to go there.

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