Enough with the family-esque persecution complex

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Posted by Coordinator on June 06, 2010 at 08:41:45

In Reply to: Re: Question posted by Simon on June 03, 2010 at 05:06:00:

It's amazing how abrasive posters like you typically take on the persecution complex, playing the "banned for speaking truth" card. Instead of taking responsibility for your tone, bad netiquette, and disregard for the rules and guidelines, you typically cry "censorship" and "supression of free speech."

You have been posting some really insensitive comments here on this site, re: child abuse, some of which we dealt with here:

You have been temporarily banned before, and each time we have let you back in, you have behaved in exactly the same manner.

As you well know, some of your posts never made it through, and some had to be deleted. If you wish to use our boards to "speak the truth," frame it in a non-personal context. Otherwise, we ae not obliged to let your posts through at all. Call that "censorship" if you will. We call it "keeping out bad-mannered board users who can't grasp the simple rules."

We already tried to explain it to you here:
Going by your track record, I am skeptical you will take any of this to heart. This is my last attempt to explain it to you.

You have yet to master the art of communicating without making it personal. It is not about who you are talking to (in, out, never was a member, etc). Never having been a member does not automatically disqualify them from commenting about general law, their own line of work and how things work in the real world, and how TFI falls short or in that regard and thrives on criminal activity.

Not only must the focus of your argument not be about who is writing what, if you cross the line and are warned it is still not because of who we are trying to protect, as in your comment: "is the writer of the topic in question your bosom buddy, thus your [sic] trying to protect them?"

And it isn't always about who you are either. Your having been so many years in TFI does not necessarily make you more qualified to comment on TFI not being criminal. As such a long-time member, if anything, it also qualifies you for being a collaborative part of the TFI's criminal activities, someone who has lived a life of blurring the lines between right and wrong for decades. So it is not about all about who.

We're willing to give you one last chance, "take it or leave it" (another of your own abrasive comments). By all means, post things that go against the flow, ruffle feathers if you will, but do learn how to write politely, or stay away from our boards.

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