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Posted by InsideTFnow on June 04, 2010 at 19:01:

In Reply to: Re: Splinter groups? posted by InsideTFnow on June 02, 2010 at 17:49:00:

It'S already happening... I received this from someone this morning. The SGA & TGAs are really happy about the changes but not most FGAs.
"6. It's like while I was gone somebody tried to re-do the whole building and modernise it and put a new framework around it and a new foundation under it and pretty it up, but they'd gone too far because they didn't like the way I built it. But in doing this they weakened the whole structure, and if it hadn't been for all that grain I'd stored in it, it would have fallen over!

37. [It's] true in the case of religious organisations and movements, religions, so-called: Once the Prophet has been removed and is far away either in time or space, those left behind in charge often, if not usually, soon seem to go astray and try to revamp the building so carefully put together by the Prophet with the words of God.

38. But in their alterations and attempts to make it more attractive and modernise it, they unwittingly weaken it so that it begins to topple, particularly when they start removing the original words and writings and scriptures which God had given through His Prophets, which are the only ballast able to keep it stable.

39. So nearly every religious system that i can think of eventually drifted so far from the original teachings of its founder and his foundation, that the religion and its founder no longer even resembled each other, its people no longer resembled their original leadership, and the religion no longer resembled his original teachings!

40. Each has become such a totally changed structure that sometimes it no longer even looks like the original building! Each is eventually so weakened by the removal of its founder's words, its last hope and ballast for retaining its balance, that it collapses around the ears of its alterers!--It dies of alterations!"

Beware... they're taking the grain out. And yet there seem to be no one to stop them this time.

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