By all means, let it out

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Posted by AndyN on June 07, 2010 at 04:14:00

In Reply to: Re: The jury's still out posted by WC on May 31, 2010 at 16:18:36:

You wrote:
“Looking at how you answered the query by another board user, it would seem you either have an inability or unwillingness to speak plainly, or both.

So it's my turn to ask for a straight answer: are you in or out?

I will be speaking plainly here, which you do not seem to want to do, and clarify my earlier statement:

We hadn't yet stated that we know for a fact you are a current member, but I can tell you we were close to reaching that conclusion, and we haven't ruled it out.”

AndyN: Based on what facts you may have, as far as I am concerned, rule as seems good to you. Either way is equally fine with me.
Am I in or out of what? TFI? Frankly, I try to keep a safe distance from anything that remotely smacks of cultism, by whatever name and appearance…

You wrote:
“According to what you've actually written so far, I would most certainly categorize you as an apologetic, and we do have an official bias against apologetics in many (but not all) senses of the word. “

AndyN: By all means, then, suit yourself. As I said, it is all in the interpretation.

You wrote:
“I would have to disagree with you there. We are biased, and will remain so. We don't want to be biased against people (in or out or neither) as much as where people are coming from (apologetic to the point of propagating ideas about TFI non-culpability in crimes). For that reason, we will not be favorable to "pro-TFI" statements and opinions voiced on this site, most of which originate from current members anyway. “

AndyN: I think you know what type of bias I am speaking of. As you put it here, this has never been an issue with me.

I may comment later on what you wrote further down, where I think you made some good points, although we may not wholly agree.

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