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Posted by Farmer on June 10, 2010 at 07:20:00

In Reply to: Re: I can count the FGAs who did something on one hand posted by the shamed on June 09, 2010 at 10:52:00:

I agree with you but wish to differentiate a bit...your anger with us is understandable...and my intuitive reaction to SGAs etc. is: they are normally right...also as long as it doesn't touch bibilical matters...for there I hold very often a total different view.

Now when people have experienced a lot of suffering like e.g. in a (even ex-) communist/dictatorial turns them often into a valiant pursuers of human rights and the freedom people should enjoy...I have seen it happening.

May be you're dumfounded at what I am saying, but I personally got over any things I had to suffer in wasn't that much anyway compared with others...may be my personal "fortune" the same time I witnessed corporal punishment of SGAs...of the less severe kind, if I may say that (hand on the bottom)... I administered it a few times myself, also later to my foster children...then none to my "biological children"...after we left...a bit later they implemented the law in Germany to prohibit corporal mind you, before that it was allowed...and after war even practiced in the schools in Germany (south mainly, I think)...just to say...state law and order enforcement is interested in getting people in line with their laws and punishing those, who don't...hence, there is no big interest in following up on something which is not offending the laws.TF after some time shunned Germany, especially if a couple had kids, because TF didn't want to send their kids to normal state-run schools and in TF you can only choose between the free of charge state schools and some private (even Christian) schools...charging often quite a lot...

So for me there was honestly not too much to take...I didn't "chase after" TF...for if you want to do it legally you would have to have a case...where were the cases???I personally had none...except collecting funds and I was 2 times apprehended for that myself...sexual abuse I had not seen neither what do I report to government officers? and the material I bet is known to all international government agencies, even prior to my leaving 1989/92...don't you think so?

Even the SGAs seemed to have slown down in pursuing things personally, even when they were abused...why??Either it's a matter of statute of limitation or the legal name is not known...You have to have case, if you go to either the newspaper or government agencies.

I didn't have much of a case, as I wanted to demonstrate...when Ricky died, I send emails and links to all bigger newsagencies in
the germanic area...whether that was of use I don't know.

Even in the church I go to, only few seem to actually know about the COG, but I have had talks with some, confirming and admitting, what I had to.

Frankly, I am glad, that TF is more and more on a downhill spiral...though I believe, that some still rather finish their membership in the coffin...dieing of old age...I'd rather have them totally disbanding...I often said how I see a parallel to the Gnosis of some of that stuff can be @ for a long time...I also would say, that it was primarily the SGAs efforts "slowing them down" , but I see also the age and finance part in the whole the components are a bit more than just the SGAs commitment

Just my take...but I do admire the SGAs...hopefully no offense on your side

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