Re: Robot...(Maria) ...Reboot??

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Posted by Farmer on June 10, 2010 at 14:56:21

In Reply to: Re: Robot...(Maria) ...Reboot?? posted by Gigi101010 on May 31, 2010 at 09:27:00:

Recently the president of Germany resigned for various was also a generally accepted view/observation, that he was a bit to thin-skinned, not a political professional to take critique and a few blows here and there...not having always the political support he needed, though pretty popular with the masses.

Now the question is, whether you can take some critique of Peter...(where's Paul?)...and Mary...your leadership(why do they appoint themselves?????)...we can discuss it further on journeys, why I think, that TF is fundamentally wrong and the question is, what is really your fundament...what kind of scripture????

Sure, you got some change now...nice, that you're happy with it...but there is someone, you're saying to love dearly (to dear in the wrong way...LJR)...whom it concerns the most, whether that way in general is right or wrong...we could discuss it on journeys, if you like...

It seems, you're happy with that "compromise"

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