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Posted by Farmer on June 12, 2010 at 08:19:00

In Reply to: Re: You write beautifully posted by CB on June 10, 2010 at 08:56:14:

I really am far from celebrating...I am happy for all the SGAs, who might have it easier now to adjust their lives

I am saddened for all the FGAs, who still haven't gotten the point of their delusion...as long as they still adhere to the LoL e.g....I feel like vomiting.

It's the false perception of altruism they have had and still portray in their series...

one might think...oh well, the world has it's swinger clubs, let them act according to their desires as long as they don't offend minors...ok, that could be counted as progress...although it's really not clear either, how much the abusers really have distanced themselves from Berg...I don't see real apologies either...all this nebulous talk of being sorry for past "mistakes"...sorry...that is not enough for me, to be really happy about.

In the Nurnberg trials were judged the leaders...not the common people and soldiers...even if they were also culpable to some extent...I don't wish to make this "anology" lightly...for you cannot really compare that, b u t leaders should generally be held responsible for the errors, crimes they did...sometimes it even happens in the corporate world...although not enough...my take

So I am not celebrating yet, although I see changes...post chain...RNR...leaders got demoted...some retrained...who is retraining Peter and Zerby????

4000 adult members are way to many...there were times COG was happy about that figure in the old days.

So should I be happy about such pretty big numbers?

I am not...though I do see the changes

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