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Posted by Farmer on June 30, 2010 at 15:53:00

In Reply to: Re: I'm sorry, but posted by Coordinator on June 30, 2010 at 15:20:39:

1) style is deficient of pro TFers many times agreed...

I tried to say...some are deficient in style although against the abusive morals of TF

I am not sure, I read CB's comment before I posted my first reaction..I don't think she enters.

If you mean to say: check your language before
you post...I certainly agree... but I also think, it's good to talk about the morals...if JoJo simply likes to say...TF is new now...errantly believing that...we kind of agree to that here all...leave them pls alone...they are ok...well, then TF has also basic citizen rights...where the law doesn't interfere as long as not proven otherwise.JoJo is then unfortunately abrasive in style...but has the simple citizen right to say what he/she thinks/'s our and other people's duty to reveal where the law yet can't or won't.bottom line: style is good and important...the right morals (deeds!!!) yet even better...both together: fantastic...

sorry, got to go now...sorry for being mistake.

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