Where the money goes first

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Posted by Thinker on July 01, 2010 at 03:40:19

In Reply to: Re: For what is worth posted by Concerned Citizen on June 30, 2010 at 04:14:00:

As a rule of thumb, after tithing, most of the money collected from donations like these go to good causes like supporting "poor missionaries" (themselves) and helping "troubled youth" (their own children) -- that's generally the type of thing they say to get people to donate to them. On the rare occasion there is a lot of money to go around, a Home (unit of TFI members) may share it with other "poor missionaries" and "troubled youth" -- other TFI members -- before they'll actually spend it on outsiders.

Another form of professional begging is what they call "provisioning." When donated material is received, after first skimming off the best of the best to provide for God's servants (themselves) and God's children (their own), they will take what is left and see if they can create a photo-op show (ideally monthly) of donating to some charitable cause. If they can do this while insinuating themselves into the company of legit aid organizations on a disaster relief mission, like the Red Cross, all the better. The PR material is then used to create a sense of legitmacy and to generate more donations.

Liquid assets like cash are seldom spread to actual genuine charity causes other than themselves. They scheme up ways to avoid taxes and keep as much of it as possible, in order to build up a "survival fund" and plan the retirement of their own first-generation "missionaries" who are now approaching retirement age and facing deteriorating health.

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