Same old same old denial, nothing new

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Posted by Skeptical on July 15, 2010 at 20:24:12

In Reply to: Re: Helping Hands Korea now says it is not affiliated with TFI posted by Perry on July 15, 2010 at 13:44:29:

"Who We’re Not
"Helping Hands Korea (HHK) is a non-denominational Christian NGO based in East Asia that is not affiliated with any religious, charitable or political organization that includes the name ‘Family.’ That is, HHK is NOT affiliated with The Family International, Focus on the Family, Family Care Foundation, The Family (political network) etc. Posting this fact has become necessary in light of the unfortunate presence of highly defamatory, slanderous and misleading information posted on the Internet about HHK and its founder."

The dirt doesn't go away just because you sweep it under the rug. I'll believe he is not affiliated with TFI when he actually disavows its teachings, gets online somewhere here or even his own site and says publicly that he was wrong about following the teachings of Berg and Zerb. He has to take responsibility for singing the praises of TFI and FCF and saying as recently as Sept, 2008 that FCF was a good thing:

"Despite [the criticism about his affiliations], [Peters] had nothing but good things to say about the FCF, describing their work with him as 'highly exemplary.'" - Dedicated to Helping Defectors | stars and stripes—September 2008

Anything short of a complete public retraction of his statements ("proud to be a member," etc.) and explanation of why he decided not to go through the FCF anymore, is unacceptable. Otherwise it's just a public show of parting of ways due to the inconvenience. For a high profile person with so much influence to say he is proud he to be a FM of TFI, and then just wish it away when there's too much attention drawn to it, just won't do. He knows FCF is TFI, we know FCF is TFI, so he ought to just come clean and stop pretending nothing bad happened, if he really had a change of heart and is no longer affiliated. Besides, this lie about HHK not being affiliated with FCF is nothing new. FCF has been denying forever about being associated with TFI, because that's the way it is on paper, even though it's a lie.

He has been playing this denial game for years, just like Zerb and TFI have been doing, just burying the past, never actually saying they taught or did anything wrong themselves, just that mistakes were made by some over-zealous followers.

I'm willing to bet FCF still heavily features his organization on their website, and that it's still possible to donate to HHK through FCF.

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