I'll warrant a guess

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Posted by long time exer on August 05, 2010 at 11:36:39

In Reply to: Re: Mene posted by Jewlz on August 04, 2010 at 23:57:34:

I can't imagine how horrific it would be to live in the berg household as a child. Top leadership were all about modeling Berg's methods of control which were used on them, but here is a child in berg's household who is a target for his pedophilia and incestuous desires to have a queen of his own blood to lead with him. Maria parroted with having Ricky who was seen to be the prince who would be one of the two end time witnesses along with herself. Bt Maria also wanted to keep her top queen status with Berg. Children within were the epitome of helpless and powerless at the whim of the adults around them, who were all submissive to carrying out what Berg wanted if they would stay in his household. Consequences were dire for any that did not submit. I'm guessing that she challenged Berg in some ways and then the worst sorts of abuses were meted out on her and it didn't work. Some would likely not want it to. Then humiliatons followed and finally outcasting. Berg viewed psych facilities as being of the devil and early COG persecution skits portrayed members being kidnapped by parents and sent to psych wards, getting shock treatments and strong meds and being broken down. The outsiders were out to get us.
So what a powerful message. If Berg sends his own granddaughter to a psych ward and outcasts her, imagine what could happen to any that don't submit? And lack of submission was "a sin unto witchcraft". What a twisted horrible world. I am glad I got out long ago, but even after many years, I still sometimes feel like tearing myself in half just thinking about ever encountering COG.

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